Gin Gin & Dry Punnet Selection


Our 100% Australian Sourced Fruits come in a form of a Punnet and 18 Punnets will be sent in a box.


18 punnets sent in a box.  Handy lunch snack selection.  Can ask for any type of the following.

Default order will be 4 x mango and 2 x all other 7.  To vary the types, request in comments when ordering, eg, 8 x pine, 10 x fruit salad

  • 40g Mango Punnet
  • 40g Pineapple Punnet
  • 40g Fruit Salad Punnet
  • 35g Orange Quarters Punnet
  • 30g Strawberry Punnet
  • 30g Kiwifruit Punnet
  • 100g Ginger disk punnet
  • 100g Choc ginger punnet

Stand up pouch

Additional information

Weight .415 kg


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